Saturday, May 16, 2009


I cannot say it enough: Kinnikinnick is AWESOME.

I've bought a ton of their mixes online and even shipping from canada is totally reasonable and prompt. Their mixes are THE best gluten free mixes ever made. I completely state that as an indisputable fact...regardless that it's actually my's a fact now.

Love them. seriously.

So I'm doing my sis's wedding cake and I've been somewhat unsatisfied with the cake mixes and cake recipe's I've found online and at my specialty GF stores and aisles. Kinnikinnick's cake mix wins. I baked the chocolate cake the other day and send some home with May (my friend) to eat and share with her boyfriend. He tasted it and thought it was regular cake...couldn't tell it was gluten free! to me that says WIN all over it. It was deliciously moist and has such a great flavor and texture.

I am totally excited about making this cake for my sister. She's going to love it.

cupcake preview

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Starbucks Gluten-Free Valencia Orange Cake

I have a friend who works at one of the Starbucks in my area. She brought me one of the new GF cakes that they are starting to sell. Not all Starbucks have begun selling them and some Starbucks don't understand that they MUST be served in their individual packaging in order to protect from cross contamination!

Anyway, she brought it to me and I tried it tonight. It was pretty good. It was very moist and VERY orange-y. I would not have liked it if it didn't have the slivered almonds on top. That really made it just right. I would have liked it even better if the orange flavor was slightly lower and if there was almond extract in the cake, but all in all, it was good.

It's nice to know that a major restaurant chain is taking measures to allow people with gluten intolerance.