Sunday, July 12, 2009


If the people at Kinnikinnick don't already know it, they need to be told: I am their number one fan. Without a doubt.

After years of eating gluten free, I've finally had a gluten free bread that is GOOD!!!

At my local Kroger, I've been eyeballing the Kinnikinnick Tapioca Rice Hamburger buns but have had such a hard time finding gluten free vegetarian burgers that I've not bought them...till now. Amy's has started making a gluten free vegan burger that my local Kroger also started carrying and I bought it along with the Kinnikinnick's hamburger buns.

Got home and heated them both up and made myself an old-fashioned cheese burger!


The buns come uncut.

But once defrosted and cut open are filled with beautiful air-pockets, often missing from GF bread products. (there's my vegan-patty with cheese and mustard waiting to be placed on the bun).

a cheese burger like none I've ever had! I think it's my FIRST gluten free vegetarian burger and I really liked it!

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