Friday, July 17, 2009

I've been thinking...

I've been thinking lately about how much I love Kinnikinnick's products and wondering if anyone has bothered to tell them that I am their #1 fan.

I have their blog on my reader and today they updated with info on their new pancake mix and some feedback they've been getting.

Guess what?! They Know!

They found my flickr where I posted pictures of their hamburger bun and gave them a review on flickr. That review wasn't as thorough as I do on here, but they found it. In it, I claimed myself as their biggest fan. in the world.

I'm glad they know, not that it really makes any difference, but I think everyone should know who their biggest fan is. :)

It should come as no surprise that I finally bought a loaf of gluten free bread and it was by Kinnikinnick. I chose the Tapioca Rice loaf. The bread is thinly sliced and defrosts really quick in the microwave, though I bet I could store it in the fridge and not have to mess with defrosting. It didn't even crumble (like other GF breads) when I slathered thick peanut butter on it! It's soft and delicious!

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