Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Such exciting events!

One of my favorite websites is Cakewrecks.com It's hilarious. It's a website that tells the stories of cakes-gone-wrong. It's all in good fun and it's an awesome site.

The author/editor of the site, Jen, has gotten a book deal and she is on a book signing tour. This past weekend she and her husband were in Dallas for the signing. Specifically in Plano! Woohoo!

I made plans to attend because that is fun...and I wanted to support the site.

At each stop they hold a cake wreck replica contest, aka wreckplica contest, and I knew I HAD to enter. I went thru the pictures and stories of some of the "classic wrecks" and choose a delightfully horrible CCC.

MY wreckplica turned out very similar (as it was supposed to)

Jen, and some of the professional bakers she had on hand, picked out 3 of the wrecks as the winners. Then the 1st place winner is chosen by popular "clap" vote.

My cake wreckplica was chosen as one of the top 3 winners. Popular vote selected one of the other 3 as the 1st place winner but I was the 1st runner up!

It was fun making such a terrible cake. It was fun winning and I got a hand crafted carrot jockey necklace as my prize!

My cake wreckplica was gluten free and vegan.


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