Monday, January 12, 2009

it's a sad day for corn chips

I love Tostito's Bite Sized Gold corn chips. They are thick and great for hearty dips and/or for making nachos. They hold up well to melty cheesy goodness. They stay crispy. AND when you open the bag, the majority of the chips are NOT broken already because they aren't fragile like too many corn chips. They are my perfect corn chip. The only ones I buy. ever. period.

My last 3 trips to the grocery, they have been out of them. the 2nd time I couldn't find them I asked a lady about them and she looked in the back but said they didn't have any. She told me she'd ask the Frito Lay rep when he came by later that day, but the last time I was there, they were also out.

I emailed Frito Lay (which is headquartered about 3 miles from my house) about it. Mostly to let them know that they are the best chips in the whole wide world and I recommend them to everyone I meet and that now I cannot find them anywhere and this makes me very disappointed. (I use a lot of runon sentences when I'm passionate, evidently).

I received a very kind email today from Frito Lay letting me know that they have been discontinued due to slow sales. She also said she'd make sure the sales and marketing team get a copy of my email.

One person cannot cause a nationwide product to come back, but I sure wish it were possible. I really LOVE those chips and I am unhappy I'll never have them again. I do not want to find a new chip.

If you've ever had them and if you also love them, let Frito Lay know. They have a comments form on their website. I believe I sent mine in as a "product compliment"...because I DO love the chips so much.

Here's to hoping I get lucky and can get more of them.

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