Friday, February 20, 2009


Steve and I don't really celebrate holidays. Not that I don't think they are good ways for people to remember one another...we are just the type of people that never wait for those times to buy one another gifts (or for ourselves either). That said, we still usually get cards or tell one another "happy xxxxx-day" and occasionally go out to eat.

Last year for balentimes (i dunno why i started pronouncing it like that) I made steve a pop-up card

When closed it shows steve's face inside the heart and when it's opened I slide up for the kiss! It was so fun to make (I love making things) and he loves it and still has it sitting on his desk.

This year I made Conversation Hearts! I found the recipe somewhere online (I think it was linked from, but I cannot remember)

Anyway, they are cute, fun and delicious!

Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Also, I lost my voice on Tuesday. Today is day 4 without a voice. It's also day 3 of what has become my daily short video documenting what my voice sounds like. It only started because I thought it would be back the next day and then when it wasn't I decided it would be back the next (which is today) and yet it still isn't. So I'll just do a short little video each day until my voice returns. Am I a goofball? Yes. Do I like being a goofball? More than you could possibly know!

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