Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's been a very long time since I've had a chocolate chip cookie. My sister, who also has problems with wheat, asked me if I had a good recipe the other day and realized that I hadn't come up with one yet.

Growing up we always baked from scratch and chocolate chip cookies were a staple in the house so I am a little surprised I haven't tried it yet.

Well, I made some this morning and they are good. They have satisfied my craving, but they aren't the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I know what changes I'll make next time and I'll post that recipe when I get it just right.


  1. My niece just got diagnosed as severely allergic to wheat and EGGS

    do you have any good recipes that avoid both?

  2. What flour do you use in your cookie recipe? I always use Jules' Nearly Normal flour (I order it online), then I make my old favorite chocolate chip cookies with the Tollhouse Recipe--how I missed them! I just replace the flour 1-1 (xanthan gum is already included.)

  3. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I actually didn't know there had been comments made until just today when I checked back in. Ooops.

    wickedsin, there is a company that makes egg replacer (ener-g) that can be mixed up and used to replace the eggs in recipes. It works best in dishes where the eggs are not vital (not quiche or popovers).

    Chrissy, the flour I used in my cookies was a mixture of white and brown rice flour, sweet rice flour, teff flour (I like the nutrients it adds) & tapioca starch. I am adjusting that slightly to include potato flour (not starch) and lowering the content of rices as the rice flours were a little bit too grainy for my tastes. I've used Pamela's flours and baking mixes and have always loved them, too. I might try Jules' Nearly Normal flour sometime.

    Thanks you guys for the comments.