Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gluten Free Kneads

Gluten Free Kneads is a company based out of Austin TX who makes DELICIOUS pizza crusts! I'd never used their crusts before but I was at Central Market (a HEB store) and saw a pack of 2 10" crusts in the freezer section where the other gluten free items are located. I grabbed a pack b/c Steve and I both LOVE thin crust pizza and these looked great. They were thin, without looking like they'd crumble apart when cooked...as is a problem with a lot of GF pizza crusts.

I made cheese pizza for lunch today and it was REALLY good. it's less greasy than I remember take-out pizza being, but thats AOK! That means its healthier.

Speaking of healthier pizza. GFK's pizza crust contains Teff flour which is a very high protein flour. It's delicious and crispy and not mushy (like some) and it made an excellent pizza!!

I'm really happy with this crust and it will definitely become my go-to pizza crust.

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