Monday, June 1, 2009


Pasta: The Long-Forgotten Food of the Gluten Intolerant

When finding out that I'd have to forgo grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti forever I cried. I loved bread & pasta and hated that I'd have to let them both go from my diet.

That reminds me of a funny story. Several years ago when Steve and I were dating, we went to an Italian restaurant. We were trying to eat pretty healthy so we both ordered the "build your own" bowl of pasta. I think I ordered the whole wheat pasta with bolognese sauce, garlic, broccoli and fresh mozzarella. It still sounds good to me just thinking about it.

They started us out with a bowl of olive oil with cracked black pepper and a big loaf of a dark brown herb bread. We ate the entire loaf in just a few minutes and then the server brought out another. Remembering that we were trying to eat "healthy" we decided to have just one piece of the second loaf and then stop eating it!

Several minutes passed and we still didn't have our meals yet but that delicious bread was just sitting there on the table in front of us, hot, steaming, and smelling amazing. I reached for it and Steve (willpower of steel!) stopped me. He reminded me once again about how many calories are in bread and that we really had already had more than we should have had all day.

He was right and I hated it b/c I wanted it. More time passed and I decided it didn't matter...that I wanted the bread. I reached for it and Steve said to me something like, "no, really christy our food will be here in just a minute". He was trying so hard to keep me from sabotaging my own healthy desires. It stilled me for a moment but then I just reached, unthinkingly, towards the bread again.

That's when he struck. Fast as lightening his hand reached the bread first and picked up the entire loaf. In one fluid movement it fell to the floor and his shoe smooshed it...and in the same movement he picked it up and put the now squashed loaf back on the bread plate.

I was shocked. Laughing and shocked. Obviously I couldn't eat it now and it totally did the trick. He stepped on the bread! stepped on it!! and it was the funniest thing ever. I don't think anyone in the restaurant saw or knew what had just happened but I'm sure the server wondered, when bussing the table, why the bread was completely flattened...and not in the "holding it so i can cut it and smashed it" kind of way.

We laughed until our food came and then laughed about it again. Even still, whenever we know we've eaten our share of something but are having faulty willpower, we'll offer to "step on it" for the each other.

There haven't been many times since then that we've had Italian food. I found out sometime after that that I'm allergic to wheat and must go on the GF diet.

I've a recipe for pasta sauce that is straight up awesome. Everyone loves it. I love it. It's something I miss being able to cook.

The rice based GF pasta's fall apart and turn into little bitty mushy bits no matter how "al dente" you try to cook them. The corn ones taste ok, but still not like regular pasta. I've had potato pasta which is good, but is almost impossible to find.

Today I tried Quinoa pasta. I wasn't sure what to expect and was hoping it wasn't worse than the rice pastas...

It wasn't at all! It was freaking awesome. If you've ever had a full gluten vegetable pasta, it tastes just like that. The texture was firm and it didn't turn to mush even when I overcooked it slightly (it cooked fast). It tasted good! I was really happy.

Maybe I'll start making my pasta sauce more often again.

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