Thursday, June 4, 2009

pre-wedding excitment!

I'm leaving today for the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia for my sister's wedding this weekend. I'm very excited about seeing her and Patrick again. They are super people.

I will, of course, take a trillion-billion pictures of the whole weekend, including the cake/s. My laptop has a card reader slot and if I can get internet while there, I'll try to upload the pics to flickr each day. Hopefully that will work out. :)

My hope is to not get gluten-ed while's always my biggest problem with eating in my non-regular spots, but I am bringing a bunch of safe foods and am going to eat mostly fruits and vegetables b/c I know they are safe. Plus I know the cakes will be safe since I'm making them (helping with the grooms cake).

My sister, brother and father are all also allergic to wheat (sister hasn't been tested for celiacs yet but plans to once she has medical insurance again)...anyway, that is why I'm doing the cakes, so that we can all enjoy them without feeling sick afterwards. I'm the only one who is currently on the gluten free diet and plan to make a wedding cake so good no one knows it's also GF!

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