Wednesday, August 5, 2009

evaluation time

While grocery shopping I ran across some gluten free chicken nuggets! This is almost an impossibility to find and I was very excited about it. Even though I don't eat meat (I have always kind of disliked meat) I wanted to try them and see how they were.

The box says they are fully cooked and just need to be heated, either in the microwave or oven. I always choose the oven unless it's going to be a long time because the breading turns out much crispier.

So I baked them for 12 minutes in a 425 oven.

They were ok. Not great as they are pressed chicken shapes and not cut chicken breasts, but they are gluten free and that is nice. The breading got really crispy and delicious and I imagine that I'd enjoy them a lot with bbq sauce (it's my preferred sauce).

Anyway, all in all, they are good. Definitely not great b/c of the pressed meat stuff, but the flavor was good, the breading was awesome and they are gluten free! I'd recommend if you are gluten free and love chicken nuggets, but they aren't going to be a staple in my kitchen.

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