Friday, August 14, 2009

I had a dream

From what I can remember I haven't had one of these dreams for a long time...back when gluten free was still new to me.

I was sitting with friends and eating pizza. I had eaten half a slice and took a big bite of the crust only to realize I was eating regular gluten pizza! I set the slice down and almost spit out the offending crust but didn't because it was good and I'd already eaten half a slice of pizza...gluten and all. But I did stop eating any more. And I woke up frazzled that I'd done it somehow without remembering my intolerance to gluten.

Dreammoods says that dreaming of eating pizza indicated abundance, choices and variety. OR it might indicate that you are feeling deprived of something.

I think the latter part of that description is accurate and that there is NO symoblism in my dream. I feel deprived of yummy, delicious, greasy, salty pizza.


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