Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, remember how I raved about the Tostitos Bite Sized Gold chips a while back? Well, Tostitos stopped making/selling them due to slow sales and that still makes me sad because they truly are the best chip ever made, but that's a whole other story and I'd rather talk about chips and not how sad that made me. :)

A few weeks ago I did a focus group study for Tostito's which required me to host a couple events, take pictures and video's of me talking about the events and the food I serve and how it makes me feel to do those things. Since I have girls over pretty regularly for Girls Nights in and craft nights, they felt like I was a good consumer to talk with further about all types of food products.

So today a group of executives from Tostito's came to my house to talk about food and gatherings and people and how it makes us (consumers and those who host events) feel about pre-packaged foods and home made foods and a bunch of other stuff about food and events. It was really cool to get to talk to them about Tostitos since I eat them so often!

I mentioned that I miss the Gold's and that they are/were the best chip ever made and the guy sitting to my left started agreeing with me. Turns out he invented that chip! I got to meet the guy who invented, designed and created the best chip on the planet! Unfortunately for me that doesn't change that Tostito'=s is still not making and selling them any longer. But it was still cool to get to meet the guy who was responsible for the best chip ever. Turns out his team is also responsible for the really good new Been & Cheese Queso Dip (i can't remember the exact name) on the market too. It's really good. TRY IT! You must try it because I want them to keep making it. It's gluten free and it's good.

They couldn't tell me too much but I know they have some great things in the works and I'm happy to say I'll definitely be on the look-out.

Today was a good day!

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