Friday, April 3, 2009

I've been making a lot of flour tortilla's these past few days...Most attempts have been ultra small batches of test recipes I've created with varying results. None have been as good as that very first attempt I made a few weeks ago and even those weren't quite as I remember gluten-filled flour tortilla's to be. So I grabbed a recipe off the LivingWithout site to try out.

I still had to modify their recipe (linked above) a bit b/c I don't have any fava bean flour...I just did a straight replacement with Teff flour. I don't know much about Teff or Fava Bean flour, so I don't know if that's a fair substitution, but it worked out. They are good. Definitely better than my latest recipe-fail, these are soft, flexible and they taste...well, I can't place the taste, but they are good. Still not what I remember regular flour tortillas to taste like, but pretty good, nonetheless.

The recipe says it makes 6-8 tortillas and instead of rolling them out, I used my tortilla press. My tortillas might have been thinner than the recipe recommends but they turned out just fine, so use your tortilla press too. If you don't have a tortilla press, get your little buns over to La Michoacana and pick one up! They are less than $20 and fresh handmade tortillas are SO much better than store tortillas.

Anyway, yeah, my tortillas were probably thinner than the recipe called for. No worries though, they draw in a little and thicken when cooked. I ended up with 13 tortillas. Steve and I split and tested the left over tortilla just to make sure it was good!

With 12 tortillas, I double ziplock bagged 6 of them and stuck them into the freezer for some other day and the remaining 6 into a ziplock bag for the next 3 days. I'm pretty certain that the Texas Motor Speedway (working for Chevy at the Nascar races this weekend) isn't going to offer gluten-free foods, so I'll be packing sandwiches for lunch.

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