Thursday, April 16, 2009

kinnikinnick is at it again

One of the food items I served at my party the other night was pizza. Gluten Free of course. I had been eyeing Kinnikinnick's pizza crust in the freezer section of my grocery for months and thought this would be a good chance to give it a try. Every other product of theirs that I've tried is simply amazing and "normal" that I hoped this would be as well.

It was magnificent! I prefer very thin crust pizza but this was delicious. It wasn't a bit grainy, like rice flour can sometimes be. It had a good solid crust on the bottom and was moist without being wet in the middle. Where the pizza sauce lay on it, it was good, not gooey like I've had before, but really perfect.

I love you Kinnikinnick for making such amazing GF products.

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