Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Remember the cookie cake I just made? Well, turns out it probably makes better cookies than cookie-cakes...It was just too oily and gritty. If I try this recipe again, I'd cut down the oil by half, add 1 egg (but then it's no longer vegan, your choice) and use a much finer milled almond flour.

So, being unhappy with the cookie, I scraped the frosting off and sent the cookie-cake thru the food processor to turn it into crumbs.

Then I put all those delicious crumbs into a pie plate for a crust. Would it become a cheesecake or a fruit pie? Could I make anything else with the ingredients I have currently? So checking the pantry and refrigerator, I realized I'd have to grocery shop in order to make any type of pie. And I had some sugar free pudding that was begging to be added to the pie.

So after the grocery store, I made up 2 types of sugar free pudding: Chocolate and White chocolate. I added the white chocolate into the pie crust first and then topped it with the chocolate. Let sit for 3 hours in fridge and viola! Pudding Pie!

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